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Inspection of insulating rubber sheet

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  For the insulation rubber plate we also have a certain test standards, whether from the appearance, or hardness, or tensile strength are certain requirements, the following to come to a specific look.

Insulating rubber sheet

  Inspection of insulating rubber sheet:


  1, the depth and height of the scar can not exceed the thickness of the sheet.

  2, the bubble is also required, in general, less than 1cm in area of the bubble per square meter can not exceed five, and any two bubbles can not be less than 40mm spacing.

  3, can not appear crack.

  4, the depth and length of impurities can not exceed one-sixth of the thickness of the plastic sheet.

  5, edge missing or sea-like width of not more than 10mm, the length does not exceed the total length of plastic sheet 1/10

  Tensile strength requirements

  1) Tensile strength (Mpa) ≥5.0

  2) elongation at break ≥250%

  Electrical insulation performance test:

  1) withstand voltage test: 25KV (RMS), to maintain 1min, should be no breakdown phenomenon

  2) Breakdown voltage test ≥ 35KV (RMS)


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